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National Commercial Bank Jamaica Discussion

  • Q: What do I need to have to open an account at ncb bank

    Reply Cavel from Kingston, Jamaica
  • Q: I need some information on dormant accounts how do i get reactivated and how much do i have to pay and how long does a account takes to be dormant

    Reply Marjorie from Kingston, Jamaica
    • R: Just would like some informatio on how to get my account going again which has been dormant since 2007

      Reply David
  • Q: Hey, I want some info on an auto loan, can I speak with someone online coz I am unable to come to the bank

    Reply shawn from Kingston, Jamaica
  • Q: What are the requirements to get a car loan

    Reply Yanique B from Kingston, Jamaica
  • Q: From the US how do I open an account at NCB

    Reply Fitz from Brooklyn, United States
    • R: You can open it online.go on National Commercial Bank Web page and you will see options with opening an account

      Reply Ashley
  • Q: can a person earning minimum wage get a auto loan

    Reply klawd robinson from Kingston, Jamaica
  • Q: I have just open business ,and i have a lot going on,cause i am not getting back the money that i should be getting,so i was wondering if i can get a loan to upleeif if and on week end times i pay back,are you can just take it out my account

    Reply sadae from Kingston, Jamaica
    • R: maybe

      Reply klawd robinson

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Discussion Activity

  • NCB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: I would like some information about the max account.

    Reply BLOSSSETT from Niagara Falls, Canada
  • NCB 6 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Can I change my account to a fixed account?

    Reply Mychael from Portmore, Jamaica
  • NCB 6 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Can I open a fixed account online?

    Reply Kirk from Montego Bay, Jamaica
    • R: how much will i get in intrest if i deposit £5,000,000

      Reply tony
  • NCB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: what is the disposition of any account where the owner has not accessed it for a number of years, does it keep renewing? Say it's a fixed deposit account? Is there a time limit where it might go to the government?

    Reply Navadean from Boynton Beach, United States
  • NCB Mortgage - Loans
    Q: I am self employed age 31 how do I qualifiy for a home loan.

    Reply tane from Kingston, Jamaica
  • NCB Mortgage - Loans
    Q: Do you offer mortgage switch? What are the fees involved and the interest rates

    Reply Jovan from Kingston, Jamaica
  • Deposits
    Q: I am interested in some of your banking products like CD's, mutual funds and investing. I would like to get more information.

    Reply Robin from United States
  • Savings
    Q: what is the interest rate on US savings account?

    Reply DANIELLE from Kingston, Jamaica

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